Which ’90 Day Fiancé ‘cast members have the most Instagram followers?


Many of TLC’s best-known actors 90 day fiancé franchise have capitalized on their popularity and notoriety in reality TV through projects such as brand partnerships and entrepreneurial efforts.

Often times, it starts on social media, especially Instagram, although YouTube and OnlyFans are popular choices as well. But which one 90 day fiancé stars have the most followers on Instagram? As of October 4, 2020, here are some of the 90 day fiancé cast members with the highest number of Instagram followers (all over 500,000 followers at time of publication).

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield | Amanda Edwards / Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

Paola mayfield

Paola mayfield, a fashion designer and aspiring Colombian model, married Russ mayfield, an engineer from Oklahoma, in the very first season of 90 day fiancé. The couple have since welcomed a son, Axel, in addition to appearing on 90 day fiancé spinoffs like 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk and 90 Day Fiancé: Forever.

Paola (@paola_mayfield) – who now works as a personal trainer and nutrition coach – may well have the most Instagram followers 90 day fiancé star, with 1.1 million followers. Meanwhile, her husband, Russ (@russ_mayfield), has 343,000 followers.

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Darcey silva

Darcey silva has become a real 90 day fiancé pillar over the years. The 45-year-old divorced mom from Connecticut first appeared in two seasons of 90 day fiancé: before 90 days before landing on 90 Day Fiancé: Forever, the seventh season of 90 day fiancé, 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk, and its own spin-off, Darcey and Stacey, with her twin sister Stacey silva.

It’s no wonder then that Darcey (@darceysilva) has one of the biggest social media followings of all. 90 day fiancé star, with over a million followers.

Darcey’s British ex, Tom brooks (@tombrooks_tv), has 293,000 subscribers, while his Dutch ex, Jesse meester (@jessemeester), has 748,000 followers. His sister Stacey (@staceysilvatv) has 279,000 followers.

Loren Brovarnik

Loren Brovarnik, originally from Florida, and her husband, Alexei Brovarnik, met during Loren’s Birthright trip to Alexei’s home country, Israel. Loren and Alexei have since appeared in several 90 day fiancé spin-offs and have become a fan favorite over the years. More recently, they welcomed a baby boy, Shai Josef.

Like Darcey, Loren (@lorenbrovarnik) has over a million Instagram followers. Her husband Alexei (@alex_brovarnik) has 655,000.

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Anfisa Nava

Anfisa Nava, Russian model, bride Jorge Nava in the fourth season of 90 day fiancé. Anfisa and JorgeJorge’s unhappy marriage didn’t last long – and Jorge spent two years in federal prison before announcing he was filing for divorce after his release.

While Jorge was incarcerated, Anfisa became a certified personal trainer, competed in bikini bodybuilding competitions, launched a fitness app, and continued her college career. Anfisa (@anfisanava_) now has over 784,000 followers on Instagram. Jorge (@mrjnava_) restarted his social networks after his release from prison and now has 287,000 subscribers.

Nicole nafziger

Nicole nafziger, a single mother from Florida, got engaged to Azan Tefou from Morocco for some time.

90 day fiancé fans aren’t always sure Nicole and Azan’s relationship is the real deal. Still, Nicole’s Instagram followers (@alwayssnicole) attest to her notoriety as a longtime cast member, with over 674,000 people. Azan (@justazan) has a smaller audience of just over 101,000 subscribers.

Larissa Lima

Larissa Lima first appeared in the sixth season of 90 day fiancé with her ex-husband now, Colt johnson from Las Vegas. She recently appeared in the fifth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Forever with her new boyfriend, Eric Nichols.

The Brazilian mom has undergone a spectacular makeover since her debut on the show, including breast implants and a tummy tuck as well as rhinoplasty, liposuction, fillers, Botox, chin and cheek implants, a Brazilian butt lift, and more.

Although she was recently fired from TLC due to her work in the adult industry on CamSoda, Larissa (@larissalimareal) has become one of the most popular actors on social media, with over 664,000 followers. Instagram.

Colt’s Instagram follower count (@savagecoltj) is considerably lower, reaching just under 200,000 followers.

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Chantel Everett

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno (from the Dominican Republic) started the fourth season of 90 day fiancé. They went on to appear over two seasons of 90 Day Fiancé: Forever before landing their own spin-off, The Chantel family, which was renewed for a second season in 2020.

Chantel (@chantel_j_) has over 654,000 followers on Instagram, where she primarily focuses on beauty and lifestyle content. Her husband, Pedro (@pedrojosejrjimeno) has 271,000 followers.

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Annie Suwan Toborowsky

Annie Suwan Toborowsky (from Thailand) and David Toborowksy were a controversial couple when they first appeared on 90 day fiancé. But Annie and David eventually became an unexpected fan-favorite TLC couple, appearing on spin-offs like 90 day fiancé: what now? and 90 Day Fiancé: Forever. But they are best known for their hilarious comments on 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk.

Annie (@annie_suwan_toborowsky) is particularly popular among 90 day fiancé fans, and it shows: she has 647,000 followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, David (@toborowsky_david) has 438,000 followers on the social media platform.

Rosemarie Vega

Rosemarie Vega, a single mother from the Philippines, and Big Ed Brown, a photographer from San Diego, caused a sensation when he first appeared on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days.

Big Ed’s treatment of Rose (@rose_vega_official) made her a sympathetic figure to many fans. She has since built her platform on YouTube and Instagram, where she has 565,000 subscribers. Big Ed (@thisisbiged) has 463,000 followers on Instagram.

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Kalani Faagata

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa first appeared in the sixth season of 90 day fiancé. Kalani, a 31-year-old woman from Utah, lost her virginity to 24-year-old Asuelu while on vacation in her home country of Samoa. The couple, now parents of two sons (Olivier and Kennedy), later appeared on the two 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk and the fifth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Forever.

Kalani (@kalanifaagata) is particularly popular on Instagram, with over 564,000 followers. Asuelu (@asuelupulaa), although much more active on Cameo, also has 286,000 followers on Instagram.

Elizabeth Potthast Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast Castravet and Andrei Castravet had two marriages: the first in Elizabeth’s home state of Florida, in season five of 90 day fiancé, and the second in Andrei’s home country of Moldova in the fifth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Forever. The couple, now parents to daughter Eleanor, also appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk as well as several members of Elizabeth’s family.

In addition to Elisabeth and AndreiA growing YouTube channel, the couple are also very active on Instagram. Elizabeth (@elizabethpotthast) has 543,000 followers, while Andrei (@ andrei19861) has 207,000.


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