Hong Kong-based virtual bank ZA Bank has launched its investment fund service.

This makes ZA Bank the first virtual player in the region to provide an integrated personal financial platform that covers banking, investment and insurance.

Users build their fund portfolios based on personal financial goals and transactions are automatically settled from savings accounts. This allows the buying and selling of funds with relative ease.

Additionally, there are a number of benefits with the account, including:

  • 0% subscription fee during its promotion period;
  • Account opening in five minutes with immediate access to funds afterwards, and
  • The best funds for diversified risk portfolios.

Additionally, in-app widgets such as Investment Funds 101 and Simple filter give users a full understanding of each product.

There are also rewards for completing certain tasks in the app:

  • Opening an investment account yields up to 88 HKD in reward;
  • Early subscribers to the ZA Bank app who invest funds of HKD 100 or more can earn up to HKD 800 in rewards, and
  • Holding investment funds for 20 trading days while maintaining a daily balance of HKD 10,000 or more can earn a reward of HKD 1,000.

These rewards can be obtained by using them until September 30, 2022.

Rockson Hsu, CEO of ZA Bank, said, “Virtual banks are playing an increasingly important role in the new normal, serving people’s financial needs around the clock with an all-digital service model. After launching our insurance service last year, ZA Bank’s banking services have now expanded into the investment space. We are launching our investment fund service with an excellent user experience, transforming ZA Bank into an integrated one-stop digital financial platform that leads Hong Kong into the new era of “virtual banking 2.0”. As a game changer in banking, ZA Bank strives to redefine mutual fund experiences for our users by making investing easier and more empowered.