The UK government has stepped in to resolve a legal dispute between Kuwait’s sovereign wealth fund and a former manager after a court ordered the fund to hand over ‘sensitive’ documents, Bloomberg News reported.

The agency said the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office had written to the Labor Appeals Tribunal saying 20 fund staff had diplomatic protection.

The lawsuit is being brought by the fund’s former head of fixed income, Simon Hard, against the Kuwait Investment Office (KIO) in a London employment tribunal for whistleblowing and age discrimination.

KIO then filed a complaint in the High Court accusing Hard of blowing the fund’s budget by increasing salaries and bonuses during the absence of a senior manager.

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The Foreign Office’s letter to the court came weeks after KIO lost a crucial hearing in the case.

Saleh Al-Ateeqi, CEO of KIO, was listed and declared Financial Attaché of the Kuwaiti Embassy and granted diplomatic privileges.

Bloomberg added that the letter could now have implications for further employment, explaining that “KIO is the oldest and one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world, started as an account of the Bank of England dedicated to receiving oil money in 1953”.