Tradesilvania, a digital platform offers wide access to cryptocurrencies, 101 crypto pairs, secure digital wallet, crypto asset management, OTC desk and other services

Cluj Napoca, Romania, February 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —’s board of directors has decided to expand its involvement in the Romanian crypto ecosystem. With Tradesilvania Ventures, the crypto platform aims to develop projects and companies involved in the creation of Blockchain, web30 and DeFI technologies.

Objectives of Tradesilvania Venture

Tradesilvania Ventures focuses on developing crypto solutions in Romania and the EEA (European Economic Area). The platform seeks to invest in innovative applications that have a significant impact on the Web3 and DeFi environment.

Tradesilvania aims to develop a smart way to implement pre-seed and seed solutions and assess the effect of innovative start-ups on the Blockchain, Web3 and DeFi ecosystem.

Through Tradesilvania Ventures, we want to encourage unique companies capable of developing innovative Fintech and Blockchain solutions. While business benefits are desirable, our main goal is to grow the crypto space alongside other enthusiastic entrepreneurs and developers. – Razvan Moldovan, Deputy General Manager of Tradesilvania.

The budget for the first year, 2022, is up by 500,000 EUR and will be used to develop innovative companies that want to change the Fintech and Blockchain ecosystem. The Tradesilvania team expects to find between 3 and 10 relevant investment opportunities in 2022.
Tradesilvania Ventures invests in Fintech and DeFi companies, which seek to redefine the way the world interacts with the financial world. Interested parties can send their ideas, presentations and proposals to [email protected].

Investment type: pre-seed/seed
Location of companies: Romania

In addition to financial support, we are ready to offer companies a fully operational development infrastructure: support for legal compliance and procedures, commercial and commercial experience, digital marketing solutions, and a significant operational adaptability in the implementation of fintech projects. – Ciprian Dobrescu, CEO of Tradesilvania

The Ventures Review Board will include a specialist from Tradesilvania, a partner and an external consultant. Tradesilvania Ventures is looking for partners and companies in Fintech, Blockchain, Web3 and DeFi. – Investments and custody of high-end digital assets is a digital platform specializing in crypto investing and trading based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It offers access to 44 cryptocurrencies, 101 crypto pairs, a secure digital wallet and a mobile app, which allows the user to access the wallet anytime and anywhere 0 FIAT recharge fees via a bank account or VISA/Mastercard.

In addition to the exchange and trading platform, Tradesilvania offers crypto asset management and digital custody services. In 2021, the team implemented the 12-cryptocurrency savings service, which allows users to earn up to 13% annual revenue for coins stored on the Tradesilvania platform.


CONTACT: Name: Ciprian Dobrescu Organization: Tradesilvania Address: Alverna Steet 58, Cluj Napoca, Cluj, Romania Phone: (+4) 031 631 3186