TLC ’90 Day Fiancé ‘spoilers: Ariela Weinberg’s wild Ethiopian ways before Biniyam was exposed


Spoilers for TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way ‘ find we all wondered why Ariela Weinberg wasn’t really making a sound when Biniyam Shibre rocked her slot machine with another woman on the dance floor in Ethiopia.

She was half-deranged but on a reaction scale between her and saying, Angela, 90 day fiancé happily forever, there was no reaction at all. Ariela seems to understand that being a dancer is Biniyam’s job and it’s just a part of who he is.

Many of us felt that was just part of how cool Ariela was and she was just confident in her relationship with Biniyam. However, due to a recent video that has surfaced, we’re wondering if that’s the only reason she could be cool with Binyam’s dance partner.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way ‘Spoilers: Ariela, is that you?

In the end, Ariela was in a music video with an Ethiopian rapper. We can only assume that her position in this video was a dancer, although she doesn’t actually dance in the video, the video seems to tell the story of a particularly hot night between the woman played by Ariela and the singer in the video .

The singer is not Biniyam but he looks a bit like his new look with his shorter hair. Looks like the girl Ariela is playing gets up from being with her man and then the song starts, although I couldn’t tell you what she’s saying, I don’t speak Ethiopian at all. (However, if Biniyam listened to the song, he would know.)

It seems that Ariela definitely has a type, culture aside. It makes me wonder if this has always been a thing with her, or if it’s just recent due to her travels around the world. I guess a Jew she’s from was never going to cut it, huh Ari?

It just reminds me of when her father said he would have preferred her to marry a Jewish man from the United States, rather than go halfway. the world to be with Biniyam.

It also makes me wonder if any of her parents are aware of the video she made. I guess it doesn’t matter because everyone knows it now. I just wish I was a fly on the wall when they found out. Guess we’ll find out in the tell-all what Janice and her husband think about what Ari did through Ari. Stay tuned!!!

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