Three-story Harry Potter megastore opens in New York


Harry Potter New York opens today, June 3, in the Flatiron neighborhood of New York City. An immersive three-story retail experience featuring the world’s largest collection of Harry potter and Fantastic beasts products, the store includes interactive elements, photo opportunities, authentic movie props, fifteen themed spaces and the promise of upcoming virtual reality events and experiences.

The store is hard to miss; located at 935 Broadway, next to the iconic Flatiron Building, the storefront is adorned with a Hungarian Horntail dragon sitting atop a clock outside the building, and a huge floating model of Fawkes the Phoenix (weighing over 100 kg) welcoming guests as they enter the shop.

Broadway production Harry Potter and the Cursed Child found a home at the Lyric Theater in New York in 2018, the same year as the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibit visited the New York Historical Society. Global city and home to many Wizarding World fans, Karl Durrant, Vice President and General Manager of Warner Bros. Worldwide Retail Destinations, explained why New York was their first choice for a revolutionary flagship product. Harry potter shop:

“New York has always been on our radar as one of the most important cities in the world. We have a really passionate fan base here, and fans have been asking for something like this in New York for quite some time.

“Regarding the location in the Flatiron District, we really wanted to target a place that reflected us as a brand. An exciting and vibrant place, with beautiful architecture and amazing places to shop and relax. The Flatiron District ticked those boxes. The location is right next to one of New York’s most iconic buildings, and our building is a 21,000-square-foot, three-story store, built circa 1816. So it has beautiful architecture and a rich history – it really fits the aesthetic of the wizarding world.

Harry Potter New York features fifteen themed zones, including a personalization station, a Honeydukes-themed candy store, a butter ale bar, MinaLima’s very first permanent home in the US, and of course a chopstick shop. . The store also incorporates interactive experiences, including a space where you can put yourself in Hagrid’s shoes and see how tall you are compared to the adorable Hogwarts Gamekeeper. The store also has a phone booth in London for photo ops with a hinge to ensure wheelchair users can enjoy the experience as well.

Magic is incorporated throughout the store, from spells unfolding on enchanted windows to the Griffin seen at the entrance to Dumbledore’s office placed in the center of a circular staircase in the store – a space called the Atrium of Awe. The store also features an interactive Forbidden Forest wall, showing magical creatures, bosses, and a dementor attack, with appearances from fan-favorite characters.

For those hoping to purchase a wand at the store, Harry Potter New York offers a full wand shop with an interactive wand table where you can test wands while a screen displays hidden content, videos, and character information. central Harry potter and Fantastic beasts movies when you pick up their chopsticks. The Wand Shop also includes wands not available elsewhere, including the Golden Snitch wand, created especially for the New York flagship store.

One of the most exciting parts of the store for fans is the Butterbeer Bar, where fans can purchase bottled or draft butter beer. Surrounded by giant barrels of Butter Beer and a cascade of nearly a thousand “floating” bottles (with labels designed by graphic designers MinaLima), fans can see Butter Beer flowing down pipes above. of them.

On the store design, Siu-Lan Choi, Creative Director at Housework a UK and US based brand experience agency that helped bring the Harry Potter store in New York to life, said:

“From a visual point of view – these are the movies – the wonderful sets created by Stuart Craig – the famous set designer and Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, and the interpretation around visual language in films. We took inspiration from these details and references and took a modern look at the design to consider what fans of today and tomorrow want to see. It’s not about replicating but celebrating and discovering new and exciting ways Harry potter and Fantastic beasts. We explored digital and mechanical means of interactions as well, to capture attention, spark the imagination and create our “did it just happen?” ” moments. To develop these experiences, we looked beyond art installations, museums and the world of play. ”

Mark Pyrah, Director of Development at Cod steaks, the company in charge of the theme, pattern and props for Harry Potter New York, shared the influences their team were looking for to bring the store to life:

“When we started the project almost two years ago, Household Design gave us some of the most exciting designs we’ve ever seen. On top of that, it also had the challenge of being one of the best-known and recognized brands in the world. Harry potter and the wizarding world holds a special place in the hearts of so many people… no pressure then! Our job at Cod Steaks is to transform the vision of the designer and Warner Bros. in reality. On a lot of projects you have to carefully calm the concept down to create something realistically, but in this case our challenge was to do it just like on paper and film. What the Household team had designed was awesome and our role was to faithfully replicate the design, embracing the brand in its entirety, while creating an attraction that could face millions of visitors and the punishment it entails. type of site will suffer. take to the public. We had to research materials and finishes to faithfully reproduce the concept and I am delighted with the result – huge teamwork!

The very first House of MinaLima in the United States will feature and sell graphic art and merchandise from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, all designed by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, known as the graphic designer duo MinaLima . From issues of the Daily Prophet written and designed by the duo, to the Marauder’s Card and Hogwarts Letter of Acceptance, each handwritten by Miraphora Mina, MinaLima helped create the magical look and feel of the Harry potter and Fantastic beasts films with their talents to tell stories through design.

Durrant explained the choice to make House of MinaLima look different from the rest of the store, almost as if visitors were entering a portal to the London gallery of MinaLima:

“Maison MinaLima deliberately looks and feels very different from the rest of the store. We wanted them to recreate as much as they could from their store in London. It has its own entrance, its own window – it really feels like stepping into the artistic world of MinaLima. The photographs don’t do it justice – Mira and Eduardo received an artistic license to design their part of the store themselves. We also asked them to lend their design talents to items throughout the store, like the second design for the Butterbeer labels, designed by MinaLima exclusively for the New York store.

Describing the House of MinaLima in the New York store as a ‘miniature facsimile’ of their London gallery, Eduardo Lima explained that the replication of key design elements from their London store, including a sign in written glass with a signature accordion sign and displays, have been included to help fans feel “instantly at home”. The duo also helped design the street graphics for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley, including storefronts, signage, advertisements, and graphic design elements. Miraphora Mina explained how to help design the New York flagship store in relation to this experience:

“It was our first adventure in bringing our design experience for the world of cinema to the real world! But the essence is the same – how best to tell a story visually through design. “

Lima continued:

“There we were telling the Harry potter story but here we have extended the story: we have designed our MinaLima space to create the feeling of being part of a magical world. The House of MinaLima experiential boutique gallery doesn’t look like a traditional retail space and aims to celebrate the idiosyncrasies of our ideas and our passion for storytelling through design.

Nine hidden enchanted keys help integrate the Harry Potter Fan Club app into the store. The keys are placed next to some of the 12 genuine accessories of the Harry potter and Fantastic beasts movies, and when scanned by app users, the keys will unlock hidden content. Once visitors have scanned all nine keys, they will be given a password that will allow them to pick up a free gift at the point of sale.

Beyond the experiences already offered in the new store, Harry Potter New York plans to host events, and also to offer immersive experiences in virtual reality. Scheduled to be announced soon, fans will experience Chaos at Hogwarts, giving fans an experience at Hogwarts Castle, as well as a second virtual reality experience, Wizards Take Flight, which will incorporate the use of a broomstick to donate. to the fans the experience of flying over the Thames. in London.

Harry Potter New York is now open at 935 Broadway. Covid-19 measures are in place, including a virtual line system allowing visitors to scan into the line upon arrival and return when called back, allowing those hoping to visit the store to explore the Flatiron District while they wait. Learn more and see what the store has to offer at the store official site.


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