Home & Soul (a subsidiary of Investors Clinic) announced today that the company will receive an injection of funds under the SWAMIH investment fund from SBICAP Ventures to complete its project – f Premiere on the Yamuna highway. The central government announced a Tier II Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) in 2019.

The SWAMIH Investment Fund was established to complete the construction of gated, brownfield and RERA-registered residential developments in the Affordable/Middle Income Housing category. Projects considered under the program must be positive, requiring last-mile financing to complete construction. f Premiere by H&S is one of the few projects handpicked by the Fund to receive financial support.

Sakshee Katiyal, CEO of Home & Soul, said, “As a developer, we are truly grateful to the Government of India that something groundbreaking and encouraging like this scheme has been announced for the struggling property sector. We have our firm commitment to our buyers, and with this infusion through SBICAP companies, we will be able to deliver on our promises. The SWAMIH investment fund has been a boon to many developers, and over the past difficult years the fund has abandoned many projects, giving confidence to the industry.

f-Premiere has 411 two n three bhk residences and is a residential center overlooking the F1 race track on the Yamuna Highway near the next Jewer Airport.

Home&Soul currently has five projects underway, both commercial and residential. The company has already delivered value to over 600 proud owners. Most of the projects developed by the company are within the prestigious NCR belt.