The real story behind Meghan Markle’s bench artwork


In his interview with NPR this Father’s Day morning, Meghan Markle revealed that she had specifically asked Christian Robinson to illustrate his book, “The Bench”. “It was as if one day I received an email like ‘Would you like to work with Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex? “And I’m like, completely in disbelief and excited,” Robinson explained. “For me, it was obvious.”

However, the exciting project also came with a set of challenges, as Robinson would have to use watercolor – a medium he typically doesn’t work in. “I wanted him to try something a little new and work in watercolors,” Markle told NPR. “And that was precisely because I felt that when you talk about masculinity and fatherhood, it often can’t sound with the same sweetness that I was really looking for for this book. And I just wanted it to be almost ethereal and light and Christian knew how to use this medium and create the most beautiful images. “

Robinson was more than happy to take on this challenge, saying, “What makes creativity fun is when things are improvised… when you kind of have to explore, play and experiment. I really think it was just the right note ”(via RADIO NATIONALE PUBLIQUE).


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