The latest injury news for Michigan Football wide receiver Roman Wilson


Yesterday, rumors began to circulate that second wide receiver Roman Wilson may have broken his wrist. Fortunately, this is not the case. The quick wide receiver has changed something in or around his wrist, but he shouldn’t be much embarrassed or run out of time for extended periods of time. There is a chance he can play and play well this Saturday despite the slight injury.

But this is where these situations get a little tricky. Wilson tells people he’s okay and hasn’t hurt anything badly, but Michigan medics and coaches can still choose to hold him back as a precaution. It is not necessarily the wait, but it is a possibility. He will always travel with the team, but it is described as a game time decision.

Michigan certainly needs Wilson with Ronnie Bell already out for the season. The 6-0, 180-pounder just had his best day as Wolverine. The Hawaiian caught six passes for 81 yards against the Badgers and has shown he can be dangerous as a wide receiver even when covered. Michigan fans knew Wilson could run through defenders on deep roads and away from people with the ball in his hands, but he showed he could also go up and make contested catches against Wisconsin.

If Jim Harbaugh and the rest of the offensive coaches feel good in the large receiving room without Wilson over the next few days, keeping him out becomes more of a possibility with a week off on the horizon. If they feel like they need his speed and playing skills to beat a rising team from Nebraska to Lincoln, he’ll be there to gut it.


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