ATLANTA, December 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – TAP Software Holdings, an enterprise software investment vehicle managed by Terminus Capital Partners, today announced the acquisition of Delta Data, a leading FinTech company specializing in providing back-end solutions processing billions of dollars in assets for mutual funds, collective investment trusts and the larger-scale mutual fund industry. Founded in 1985, Delta Data technology supports four of the ten largest U.S. banks, four of the five largest U.S. pension accountants, and four of the top five U.S. investment managers.

“Mutual funds such as mutual funds and collective investment trusts represent a $ 35T industry with complex challenges in transfer and trading, data tracking, regulatory compliance and counterparty management. As the largest provider of pure, comprehensive mutual fund administration software, Delta Data is uniquely positioned for leadership in this large and dynamic market. We look forward to partnering with all of the Delta Data team to maximize client success, generate profitable growth and realize Delta Data’s vision to be the world’s best mutual fund software company, ”said said Alex Western, Managing Director of Terminus Capital. The partners.

“Our company plans to leverage this partnership to invest in our infrastructure and support to stay at the forefront of product delivery while strengthening the capabilities of our industry-leading product portfolio. We were one of the few companies to recognize that our industry was changing many years ago and to develop the tools that allow our customers to scale up with increased oversight and compliance. New client needs for collective investment, international monitoring and new industry compliance initiatives are easily managed with the platform we have developed. We are delighted to partner with Terminus Capital Partners, given their expertise in enterprise software, for the next phase of Delta Data’s growth, ”said Whitfield Athey, who will remain CEO.

The company was acquired from Accel-KKR. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Aabout TAP Software Holdings:

TAP Software Holdings is an investment vehicle created by Terminus Capital Partners and Petrus Asset Management Company. TAP Software seeks to acquire, improve and manage leading enterprise software companies.

Aabout Terminus Capital Partners:

Terminus Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on enterprise software companies, founded in 2017 and based in Atlanta, Georgia. Differentiating itself through its sector expertise, its supply engine, its operating manual and its purchasing and construction methodology, Terminus strives to be the first partner of capital providers, bankers and management teams. in the business software industry.

About Delta data:

Delta Data provides back-end solutions processing billions of dollars in assets for the mutual fund industry, supporting four of the 10 largest US banks, four of the top five pension custodians in the US, and four of the top five American investment managers. Delta Data’s industry-approved integrated SaaS technology suite empowers financial firms to control the dynamic environment of regulatory change and the risks associated with internal and external data management.

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