MUSE welcomes 2022 with its creation and design awards


The International Awards Associate (IAA) continues to uphold its vision with two of its annual award programs, the MUSE Creative Awards and Design Awards. “We want to honor talent, whatever the situation,” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of the IAA. “We are touched by the impact that talented individuals have had on the inspiration of others during the pandemic, and we are proud to be able to enable them to reach greater heights.”

The MUSE Creative and Design Awards are one of the fastest growing creative and design awards programs, making them the flagship programs of the IAA.

With MUSE’s theme being “Stride Forth” for 2022, the rewards program will highlight and praise the unwavering will of professionals in the field in the face of the challenges posed by the pandemic in their professional journey.

The MUSE Creative Awards are open to creatives from various industries and disciplines, graphic designers, business owners, freelancers, students, videographers, content managers, web designers and mobile app developers.

The MUSE Design Awards are aimed at design professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, lighting design, fashion design, product and packaging design, furniture design, of transport, landscape and conceptual design.

Applications can be submitted as individuals or teams, regardless of location or nationality. Submission can be done online, for a nominal fee for administrative purposes. Submitted entries will be assessed individually by an international panel of distinguished judges using the blind judging method, to ensure impartiality.

The MUSE 2022 Statuette is made of a crystalline material as a nod to the transcendent capacities held by the winning MUSEs. The statuette is available in the colors Blue Aquamarine, Red Garnet and Clear Quartz for the winning levels of Platinum, Gold and Silver respectively.

“To see talented individuals persevere and set new directions in the midst of the pandemic is impressive,” said Ong. “I look forward to the new landscape of a post-pandemic era, where those who are prepared to move forward despite the odds are ahead of the pack.”

Competitions will start accepting entries from October 8, 2021 to February 24, 2022. Results are expected to be released in April 2022.

Submission guidelines are available at (MUSE Creative Awards) or (MUSE Design Awards).

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