WISMA ATRIA, SINGAPORE, July 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Strong points.
1. MetaSwap raises nearly $2 million in MGC investment funds with support from community investors.

2. The new fund will invest in projects that expand use cases for crypto assets and drive the popularity of Web3 and blockchain technology.

As of July 14, nearly $2 million had been raised according to data from MGC’s official published address, with all investors being community investors. Regarding the latest funds raised, the official tweet shows that it will be used for Web3 projects and founders with potential in DeFi, NFT, games, meta-universe, social and other areas, supporting projects and individuals to become Web3 industry leading builders and game changers in various fields.

The value of MGC is to provide Metaswap with an incubation fund for Web3. The new fund will invest in projects that expand the use cases of crypto assets and promote the popularity of Web3 and blockchain technology, which will inject more momentum and confidence in the long-term development of Metaswap and MGC. .

The Web3.0 concept has spread over the past year and is being hailed as the next generation of the Internet. The Internet, which has not had a new story for a long time, seems to have come into existence, leading many Internet practitioners to step forward to a new hope. And Metaswap eyed the affected domains from 2017 through 2021, witnessing the entire rise of Web 3.0. Currently, there are already mature projects in the overseas market, MetaMask, STEPN, Audius, OpenSea to name a few. Among them, MetaMask has over 30 million monthly active users as of March 2022, the tides rise and fall, Web3.0 is here to stay, but the direction in which the tide is out of the wildest guess of all the world.

Web3 is a recent technological movement that aims to redefine or create a new form of the Internet using blockchain technology and combining decentralization and the token-based economy, in anticipation of the early emergence of a new world Internet where the rights are truly appreciated and the obligations are worthwhile. fulfilling.

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