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PESHAWAR: In a ceremony, speakers called a doctor’s first collection of poetry a valuable addition to the Urdu treasure.

Dr Akifullah Gamaryani, a renowned physician, published his first volume of poetry in Urdu titled “Hasil”. The book was launched in Abbottabad the other day.

Ceremony attendees called the book a valuable addition to Urdu literature and a fresh drop of spring rain for tasteful readers. The collection of poetry, spread over 135 printed pages, has been loved in literary circles for its crisp, vivid imagery and healthy symbolism imbued with local phraseology.

The literary genres of the book, notably Ghazal, Nazm, and Qitaat, reflect a deep insight and critical thinking that defines the poet more as a literary figure than a mere physician.

Dr Akif, born with a taste and talent for creating word images, grew up with friends, who sharpened and even chiseled his mind to create a world far from mundane human things and to plunge into the spring of fresh winds. that fall like a soothing drop of rain on bruised hearts and it is the spirit that has led him into a beautiful world of fantasy.

Ceremony attendees said it was very rare for a literary tinge to come to a person not in keeping with their character and taste, but in Dr. Akif’s case, the fairy of measured words seemed to have fallen in love. of a medical mind. and the two could only be correlated to soothe hearts and minds.

Professor Nasir Ali Syed, a senior Urdu writer and critic, said Akif’s poems were like miniature stories filled with symbols, forcing readers to endure different emotional conditions. His poems titled “Kamsin Ababeel, Kaliyan and Mazoor Bachy Ka Khawab” reflected such rich symbolism, he added.

Dr Amir Suhail pointed out that Dr Akif’s poetry also carried a mixture of romance and overflowing emotions expressed in a masterful way and recorded an instant impact on poetry lovers.

Majid Shah, Wahid Siraj and Abbottabad’s Additional Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Abid also shared their views at the launch ceremony.

Posted in Dawn, June 21, 2021


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