Ken Bone inspires sexy Halloween costume (pictured)


Ken Bone, get ready to set America’s kidneys on fire. Even more than you already have.

The internet sensation, which captivated viewers listening to the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Sunday, is now the inspiration for a “sexy” Halloween costume, via

While the costume is officially called “Sexy Undecided Voter,” all of Ken Bone’s features are there: the famous red sweater (although stripped down in the cropped top), the glasses, the microphone and the moustache.

The only difference is that all of Bone’s most memorable features are displayed by a blonde model.

A lot of guys are going to be terribly confused in pants on October 31st.

“Capture the hearts of America this Halloween in this Sexy Undecided Voter exclusive to Yandy, the cutest political enthusiast of the 2016 election season!” the costume description reads.

The outfit will set you back $ 99.95, but you’ll have to wait to shell out the dough, as Yandy notes that the costume is “coming soon.”

Since asking the candidates a question during the debate, Bone has gained the adoration of the Twitterverse. The attention also gave Bone plenty of opportunities, including an appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” a $ 100,000 offer to appear on the camming site CamSoda, and an invitation to be smoked by a rapper. / passionate about marijuana. Snoop dogg.

Is the sexy undecided voter costume a visual treat or something horrible? Vote in the comments section.


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