The Fund for Startups and Innovative SMEs (ISSF) – the largest investment fund of its kind in Jordan – announced a direct investment of $250,000 in Gamiphy; an e-commerce growth platform that enables online businesses to launch various omnichannel experiences for their users, such as customer loyalty programs, live commerce experiences, branded games, on-site recommendations and personalization and other features that help them increase conversions and retention.

This investment is part of a $1.55 million investment round led by Kuwaiti company Al Muhallab VC, which also includes investments from the Bank of Palestine, Innovative Private Sector Development (IPSD) and angel investors.

“ISSF has chosen to invest in Gamiphy – a platform that has attracted partnerships from several global platforms – in recognition of the importance of technology solutions that contribute to the growth of the e-commerce sector which continues to thrive, especially after the pandemic. “Through this investment, we seek to bring this regional company to Jordan to support the market and enable Gamiphy to reach its full potential. This will ultimately help position Jordan as a leading technology and entrepreneurial hub.” commented ISSF CEO Eng Mohammad Al-Muhtaseb.

In turn, Gamiphy CEO Aws Al Nabulsi explained, “ISSF’s contribution to our funding round is strategic as it supports and strengthens our operations in Jordan, attracting and working with great local talent that reflects Gamiphy’s natural growth from a Palestinian startup. one regional and one global.