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In this edition, we explore the revenue outlook for the global investment banking industry. Investment banking underwriting and transaction advisory revenue set for hard landing as companies put M&A and IPO plans on hold amid hawkish central bank policies and uncertainty surrounding the Russian-Ukrainian war. But there could be a bright spot for investment banks – the recent increase in M&A activity between credit unions and US banks. A slowdown in these transactions is not in sight, presenting many opportunities for investment banks to increase their advisory revenue.

Short sellers, who bet on a stock’s decline by selling borrowed shares in hopes of buying them back later at a lower price, have steadily increased their positions against all sectors of the U.S. stock market since the start of the 2022, when stocks hit an all-time high. tops. The most significant short-term interest is in consumer discretionary, healthcare and energy stocks amid high global oil prices, soaring inflation and lingering fears over COVID-19 .

Russia’s war on Ukraine has disrupted oil, natural gas and coal supply chains, exacerbating tensions in metals markets and driving up prices for nickel, steel, aluminum, copper and a host of other materials essential to the manufacture of electric vehicles. Electric vehicle makers, already struggling with a shortage of semiconductors alongside the rest of the auto industry, now face challenges securing the metals essential to the batteries that power cars.

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Written and compiled by Louis Bacani