Impetum Group launched Agista, the first investment fund in Romania focused on AeRO, helping local SMEs to list on the stock exchange, financing and accelerating their growth through the capital market.

Agista launches with a capitalization of €25 million, nearly half of all capital raised by companies in the AeRO market in 2021, and plans to invest in 20 local companies in the next two years, on the 150 to analyze.

Agista is launched at a time when, although there is money in the market, €33.5 billion in total bank deposits held by individuals*, nothing is reaching the businesses that need it and the equity financing gap for SMEs is 4.64 euros. billion. If only 1% of the capital available in bank deposits were to enter the capital market annually, this would have a significant impact on covering this deficit.

In recent years, the Bucharest Stock Exchange has experienced a development correlated with our efforts and those of the entire community to stimulate the use of the capital market for the financing of Romanian companies. From this point of view, the AeRO market has had a vital role in bringing us even closer to entrepreneurs and their developing companies, and the evolution of last year, as well as 2022 – Q1, is tangible proof of this. These are 27 companies listed on AeRO, mobilizing 70 million euros in capital, and 27 other bond issues worth 63.1 million euros. The positive evolution of the AeRO market is also reflected in the launch of the first index dedicated to this market, BET AeRO, and the creation of the first investment fund dedicated to the AeRO market by Impetum Group is a new step towards its consolidation as growth market for SMEs, said Radu Hanga, president of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Contrary to the limitations and difficulties encountered by SMEs in traditional financing, the capital market offers attractive mechanisms to access the financing necessary to generate the envisaged growth. However, capital market instruments do not enjoy the popularity they deserve among companies: 60% of managers know “little” or “very little” about BSE and its activity, and only 12% have access to a capital market financing.

Experience and practice within the Impetum Group community has taught us that when companies manage to scale their success in a sustainable way, it has a positive impact on society as a whole. It is precisely with the aim of contributing to the education and maturity of the Romanian capital market, that we have created, through Agista, a first Romanian institutional instrument, dedicated to robust companies, wishing to develop through listing. at the local stock exchange. A strong economy needs healthy businesses that must operate efficiently while supporting development. We believe in the Romanian economy and we act in this direction, said Andrei Cionca, CEO and co-founder of Impetum Group.

What will Agista do?

The core business will consist of PRE-IPO investments, as well as listed shares of companies with potential. More than just a capital investor, Agista will be an active partner that will provide complementary expertise to Romanian entrepreneurs in order to accelerate their activities and open access to a relevant business ecosystem.

Agista will act as an anchor investor, with the aim of holding minority packages in companies with a turnover of 3 to 15 million euros. The investment ticket will be €500,000 to €2.5 million, and Agista will act from a strategic place, at board level, in terms of business development, Nicolae Kovacs said. , CEO of Agista.

The Agista Team

Agista Management was registered as an alternative investment fund manager on March 10, 2022 and the fund is currently in the process of being authorized by the ASF.

The management team is made up, with the CEO, of experienced capital market professionals with complementary skills and expertise: Nicolas Pleşea – Senior Investment Manager, active in the financial field for 15 years, and Aurel Podariu – Senior Investment Manager, 14 years of experience in managing companies in difficulty, but also in business development. In addition, Agista benefits from the experience and synergies of the Impetum group, which will be valued for all our partner companies.

To support entrepreneurs, Agista will develop an acceleration program dedicated to small businesses. Through this program, Agista will support small businesses in accelerating their managerial skills and abilities, in an entrepreneurial spirit and in a practical way.

From today, Agista joins Impetum Group’s mission to develop a new entrepreneurial culture based on access to the capital market.