Howard School is part of Lawrence Tech in Southfield

Lawrence Technological University in Southfield is the new home of the Specs Howard School of Media Arts. // Photo courtesy of LTU

Lawrence Technological University in Southfield today becomes the new home of the Specs Howard School of Media Arts.

Specs Howard has offered courses in radio and television broadcasting, graphic design and digital media arts since 1970, and has graduated over 15,000 alumni in these fields.

Lawrence Tech has had a relationship with Specs Howard School since 2004, when an agreement allowed Specs Howard students to transfer various courses to LTU’s certificate and diploma programs in Media Communication. Many students have taken advantage of this plan.

“Lawrence Tech is proud to continue the legacy that Jerry Liebman (aka Specs Howard) created over 51 years ago, building on the deep knowledge and experience that Dick Kiernan brought to Specs Howard,” said Virinder Moudgil, president of LTU. “It is a fitting tribute to host an iconic program like Specs Howard on our campus. The founders of Lawrence Tech paved the way for technological innovation nearly 90 years ago, and Specs has done the same with broadcast, music, video, and graphic design.

Tarek Sobh, Academic Director and Provost at LTU, adds: “Our two respective organizations have great traditions and a great history. We will develop the new Specs Howard on the Lawrence Tech campus with an innovative technology focus that will prepare our graduates for 21st century jobs in media arts.

Some Specs professors are expected to be hired as assistants at LTU to help students complete their courses and then take advantage of new opportunities for additional degrees. Students can use some of their Specs degree credits at LTU to pursue associate or bachelor’s degree studies in media, technology, and design.

“I am so grateful for this partnership,” Howard says. “LTU staff and faculty will ensure that students at Specs Howard School are well trained for the careers of the future. The relationship we have had with LTU over the years has been fruitful due to our shared passion and dedication in guiding our students on a positive career path. “

Howard School President Martin Liebman said: “A partnership with Lawrence Technological University makes perfect sense. Our long-standing relationship with LTU has laid the groundwork for a program that will help Specs Howard students go even further than before. I look forward to seeing the students excel in their fields and continue to make us proud.

The new relationship begins today with the current students of Specs Howard completing their current degree course. In fall 2021, new degree-specific classes for LTU Specs students will begin. Current and new LTU Specs students will take their courses at LTU’s 107-acre campus in Southfield.

“We will also work with Specs alumni and create programs and partnerships that celebrate and strengthen their bonds with their fellow alumni and students,” says Sobh. “This LTU is developing several academic tracks and potential pathways for students and there will be many opportunities for them at LTU.”

Lawrence Tech has added several university buildings and two new residential buildings to the campus in recent years and has enough studios, computer spaces and related spaces to accommodate current Specs Howard students and recruit future LTU Specs students.


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