If you’re facing more debt than funds, the typical suggestion is to cut down on costs and generate additional income. However, certain methods for getting cash may be more costly than other methods. These are the four methods that should be avoided, if at all possible and the best options really fast loans ipass.

Be careful not to rob an investment plan for retirement

The cost of premature withdrawals is usually high and could leave you with a small amount of savings when you retire. The majority of people have to pay tax penalties and income taxes on your withdrawals, and you also lose all potential tax-deferred compounding future that your can have been earned.

There are alternatives. If you’re employed, you may be able to draw money out of the funds in your 401(k) or stop retirement plan contributions temporarily to free cash. If you’re a member of an Roth IRA, you can withdraw the amount equivalent to the amount you contributed without having to pay penalties or taxes.

Don’t skimp on health insurance

It’s possible that you’re healthy today but you’re a dangerous incident or disease away from devastating medical expenses.

If you aren’t able to get the option of health insurance coverage through your job, you can check for the Affordable Care Act exchanges at HealthCare.gov. The cost of premiums has been reduced for the majority of people this year and coverage may be provided for free to many, not just those who are receiving unemployment insurance this year.

Also, you can cut down on costs by choosing an insurance plan with a high-deductible. This means that you will have to pay many thousands out of your pocket when you’re injured or sick however, at least you’ll avoid the type of six- or five-figure expenses that could make you bankrupt.

Beware high-cost loans

The most costly ways to borrow is payday loans, car title loans, and loans that do not require the submission of a credit check. These loans are costly and can cause you to get into debt cycle.

If you require help with paying bills, you can start by looking at 211.org an online clearinghouse of the government’s resources and charity’s.

If you are unable to pay for a loan, talk to the lender for hardship options.

If you own an credit card, you might want to consider cash advances. They usually have interest rates of double digits, however high-cost loans generally come with triple-digit rates.

Don’t stiffen the IRS

If you are unable to pay the taxes, then it could be tempting to not submit a tax return. However, failing to file can result in more severe penalties than not having to pay, according to CPA Neal Stern. Furthermore, there’s no time limit on audits if you do not submit. The IRS may pursue you for years to come.

The IRS offers payment plans that let you pay off your tax bill in installments over the course of time. You can also charge a tax payment to the credit card, or think about applying for a personal loan in order to pay for what you have to pay, Stern says.