Eric Seufert, a mobile game marketing analyst, has launched a $10 million investment fund to back advertising and mobile game startups with backing from 38 investors, including Supercell and Gamejam’s Christian Calderon.

As reported by Business Insider (paywall), Seufert initially founded an informal syndicate around his Mobile Dev Memo Slack group, named Heracles Capital. However, as the band grew to 400 members with 10 deals under their belt, it became an “administrative nightmare” and the band was shut down.

However, Seufert continued to seek investments and closed the last fund in March 2022 with 38 limited partners.

Seufert told Business Insider, “The fund’s operating mantra is to invest in the future of mobile growth. My theory is that mobile is the dominant computing platform in my life, and I don’t think that’s changing. »

13 investments to date

Heracles’ 38 partners include Supercell, Gamejam CEO Christian Calderon, Huuuge Games CEO Anton Gauffin, media investment bank Aream, and Forte chief commercial officer Chris Akhavan and former chief Google advertising products, Ari Paparo.

Paparo, who reportedly agreed to invest “within 30 seconds” of receiving the pitch, commented, “Eric knows more about mobile marketing than I do about adtech. There are still huge innovations in the mobile ecosystem, but it’s often isolated from the more traditional adtech circles I live in. So I welcome the opportunity to have access to this flow of business.

The Heracles Capital fund has made 13 investments, including in the blockchain game studio Laguna Games.

In a next twitter thread, Seufert said, “The consumer mobile landscape is in the throes of fundamental change, driven by privacy policies like ATT and Google’s move away from 3p cookies/GAID, as well as platform regulation like DMA. . As tectonic plates move, opportunities arise”

Seufert was a speaker at the Google x Deconstructor of Fun Istanbul Gaming event, discussing the implications of the Digital Markets Act and how Apple has benefited from the ATT changes.