Creative Automation Celtra Technologies has signed a definitive agreement to receive a majority investment from Symphony Technology Group (STG), a private equity partner of leading companies in the data, software and analytics market. STG’s support will help Celtra grow in partnership with Celtra’s founders and management team. Celtra is expected to generate over $ 50 million in revenue in 2021, with growth of over 25% year over year. STG’s investment comes from the fact that Celtra has gained over 40 new corporate clients over the past year, and the expansion of Celtra’s creative automation solutions from media companies to brands and agencies.

The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2021. Following the investment, Miha Mikek will remain managing director, alongside co-founder and chief product officer, Matevz Klanjsek, and co-founder and chief financial officer, Maja Mikek. Softbank Capital, one of Celtra’s first investors, will remain invested in the company. In addition to Softbank Capital, Celtra was backed by leading investors including Fairhaven Capital, GrandBanks Capital, WPP and Unilever Ventures.

“Celtra’s vision has always been to enable better creativity in the most scalable way. Over the past decade, we’ve grown Celtra by providing the most advanced creative platform for leading media and advertising technology companies. Today, the creative industry is on the cusp of a revolution: just like programmatically transformed media and ad buying, we will now see the same wave take control of execution and advertising. creative workflows over the next three years, ”said Miha Mikek, Founder and CEO of Celtra. . “We are thrilled to partner with STG to bring our vision to life and take the business to the next level. “

Celtra believes that the development of marketing creativity is transformative – for business and culture. Today, Celtra makes enterprise software solutions that help businesses stay creative at scale and transform creative work across people, data and media. What started as creative technology for media companies is now also a solution for brands and agencies looking to drive creative excellence and automate the production of omnichannel creations for an increasingly complex digital landscape.

“Celtra is a great product organization, creating creative automation solutions that enable great ad creatives to have omnichannel impact at scale, but without sacrificing quality or brand governance issues. They have huge customer successes and tremendous growth potential, ”said JT Treadwell, Managing Director, STG. “We believe they help clients meet the challenge of evolving creative communication and production to enable addressability of content, while simultaneously improving the quality of the output.”