Cannabis businesses need more than a great culture, great marketing, and a distribution plan. The industry is teeming with money and growing every year in leaps and bounds that once seemed unattainable. With the deregulation (or re-regulation) of cannabis, the money is available, but how does that money get to the right companies at the right time?

Browse this list of the best cannabis investment banks, find out what they do and how they support this booming sector.

Canaccord Genuity

Canaccord Genuity markets itself as a “leading advisor” in the cannabis world, helping its clients grow at their own pace. Institutional and corporate clients contact Canaccord Genuity every day to learn more about their financial options, how to raise capital and how to run their businesses more effectively.

Canaccord clients have access to:

  • M&A advisory services
  • Equity markets
  • Debt counseling services
  • Debt restructuring services
  • Financial sponsorships

With these solutions, a cannabis business can go from startup to sensation overnight. Established companies can access the cash they need, or they can work with an M&A partner who has their best interests at heart. Cannabis companies could learn how to manage or restructure their debt to stay afloat or open up new opportunities, or they can connect with Canaccord Genuity partners for financial sponsorships.

Golden Eagle Partners

Cannabis businesses need an advisor who can help them make strategic decisions that ensure their current success and longevity. Specializing in mergers and acquisitions, financing, licensing, joint ventures and co-development agreements, Golden Eagle can help a cannabis company position itself correctly in today’s market.

Golden Eagle specialists work closely with clients to help them grow and change appropriately. A cannabis company can access debt financing, equity financing, M&A support and more.

With a boutique-style service, you speak directly to someone who knows your situation and cares about your success. Also remember that Golden Eagle, like any quality investment bank, helps you close every deal and reduce risk.


Cowen helps cannabis companies that want to collaborate across industries, bringing more funding and exposure to the sector. Cowen’s team provides expert market analysis, helps clients understand how the market is changing and has an established track record of success.

While Cowen provides underwriting and advisory services to cannabis businesses, it also provides access to strategic capital resources, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions support and more.

In capital markets alone, Cowen offers support for:

  • IPOs
  • Followed
  • ATM offers
  • Private crossings
  • Convertible debt
  • PSPC

You can choose a new direction for your business today or start a new business the right way using Cowen’s resources.

What Can Cannabis Investment Banks Do For You?

As you research these cannabis investment banks, remember that they do more than push coins on the global cannabis chessboard. These businesses help you manage your money properly, raise capital, control debt levels, acquire other businesses, merge with competitors, and position the business for long-term success.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions are part of business. You never know when it might make sense to merge with another company, acquire another company, or sell to another company. Remember that cannabis companies must adhere to unique rules and regulations, and that a merger, sale, or acquisition has small details that you should allow an investment bank to handle.

Equity: Bringing in capital and offering stakes to investors is just one way to grow your business. Working with an investment bank helps you vet those investors, close the deal, and continue to seek funding.

Debt financing: Debt financing can help your business reduce liabilities and increase cash flow. Contact an investment bank before throwing in the towel or accessing loans that just don’t make sense.

Notice of debt: Not all debt is bad, and debt counseling services help cannabis businesses make the most of good debt while paying off or avoiding bad debt. Instead of making financial decisions in a vacuum, you can execute these ideas from experts.

Financial sponsorships: Look for financial sponsorships when you know big companies want to invest in your ideas. You don’t need to hire investors on your own when an investment bank can bring the money to your doorstep.

IPOs: An IPO allows your company to raise capital on the stock market. If you want to grow fast, business listing may be your best bet. Plus, working with an experienced underwriter ensures you’re compliant from start to finish.

Cannabis companies and investment banks go hand in hand

The cannabis industry is changing fast and you need an investment bank that is moving faster. Which do you prefer? Canaccord Genuity, Golden Eagle Partners or Cowen? Working with an investment bank could be the first or last step in transforming your business, and you should take advantage of these tips immediately as your vision for cannabis is making waves in the most exciting industry of the 2020s.