Austin City Council waives permit fees for home repairs, extends winter storm disaster declaration


AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin City Council meets Thursday and plans to waive all permit and residential development fees as many people seek to fix their homes in the wake of last week’s historic winter storm .

They will also receive an update on winter weather and COVID-19 in Austin, extend the declaration of winter weather disaster, waive registration requirements for plumbers during the emergency, and sign a resolution to consider the impact of the weather on the usefulness of people. invoices.

In addition to all of these, they will approve the language of the ballot for the upcoming municipal elections, where voters will decide whether the city should recreate its ban on camping for the homeless.

Here is an overview of specific agenda items:

  • Approve a resolution ratifying a local state disaster declaration in response to concerns about the imminent threat of widespread and severe property damage, personal injury and loss of life due to prolonged freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall and severe weather conditions. freezing rain and consent to the continuation of the declaration disaster for a period of more than seven days.
  • Approve an order rescinding residential permits and development charges associated with the repair or reconstruction of structures, and the removal of trees and tree branches damaged as a result of winter weather events; waiver of charges for emergency medical services and the costs of services provided during winter weather events; and declare an emergency.
  • Approve an order authorizing the building official to exempt certain plumbing activities from permit requirements, extending the deadline for certain permit applications, waiving registration requirements for plumbers, and declaring an emergency.
  • Approve a resolution to assess and mitigate the effects of the recent weather emergency on city residents, including their utility bills.
  • Approve an ordinance amending ordinance n ° 20210209-004 ordering a special municipal election concerning a criminal offense and a sanction for camping in public spaces without a permit, certain types of solicitation and sitting, lying or sleeping outside in certain public spaces; and declare an emergency.

KXAN investigator and city reporter Kevin Clark watches today’s meeting. He plans to tweet important developments live. You can follow here:

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