Arizona bill to remove rabies vaccine from certain dogs


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PHOENIX (KYMA, KECY) – A new Arizona bill could remove the rabies vaccine from some dogs.

The Arizona Senate voted on Wednesday to allow dog owners to show their pet has rabies rather than giving them a vaccine against the disease.

The measure was approved on Wednesday but still requires a final vote.

Republican Senator Nancy Barto of Phoenix said the bill was introduced after she looked for animals to have bad reactions to the vaccine. However, the measure would allow animals to encounter the rabies vaccine by undergoing a test showing that it contains antibodies.

“There has been a backlash and fear to allow pet owners who are concerned about this to take this action so that they can avoid these adverse events for their pet,” Barto said. “I don’t think this will be a widespread practice that could endanger the public.”

As for Democratic Senator Christine Marsh, of Phoenix, said vets had warned that a test could not tell if the immunity would last the full year during which the dog would be exempt from a rabies booster.

“We don’t know if the titles will actually last a year or not,” Marsh said. “They might actually only last 60 days.”

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