Animated shorts and illustrations tell the story of six Jewish refugees


Six Jewish refugees tell their stories through animated short films and illustrated essays as part of an online project to mark World Refugee Day on Sunday.

Created by Juliette Simmons, creative consultant and member of Reboot, a UK-based non-profit arts and culture organization, and co-produced with Noam Dromi, the exhibition highlights the objects refugees took with them as they embark on a new life.

For seven years Jean Hadju, it was his beloved teddy bear who accompanied him when he was forced to leave his home and into the Budapest ghetto and, in the years after WWII, through the Hungarian Revolution from 1956, his flight to Austria and finally his arrival in London.

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Meanwhile for eight years Hedi Silver, who was bullied in school, her Susi doll has become her best friend. But when Susi was too big to fit in her suitcase as her family embarked on a trip from Austria to England in 1938, just before the Anschluss, Hedi instead took Little Susi – the doll belonging to her doll – and it remained in his possession. since.

Other stories featured show how young Jewish refugees fled their homes in the USSR, Iran and Ethiopia, taking with them precious items reminding them of their home.

Hedi Silver


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