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Leading Energy Investment Banks (JPM, C)

Investment banking is one of many profitable areas for major global banks, especially in good times when they finance projects and advise on transactions. The recent boom in the energy sector has been long-lasting, but that is changing rapidly. Since last June, the price of oil has fallen more than 60% and natural gas is […]

Types of investment banks

Investment banking consists of providing advisory and management services for large and complex financial transactions and providing services related to the creation of capital for companies, organizations or governments. Two of the main activities of investment banks are underwriting debt financing and issuing equity securities, such as in an initial public offering (IPO), and advising […]

Financial ratios to analyze investment b...

It can be difficult for the average investor to properly evaluate an investment bank. The general rules of stock picking apply – profitability is good, dividend growth is better, and cash flow should be sustainable – but there are also additional metrics that are particularly relevant for investment banks. These include measures of equity, composition […]

How are investment banks regulated in th...

Investment banks in the United States are continually scrutinized and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. They are also sometimes regulated and studied by Congress. Investment banks technically exist because they have been legally distinguished from commercial banks by previous acts of Congress. Investment Banks and Glass-Steagall Investment banking became an official […]

The roles of investment banks

What is the role of an investment bank? Investment banks serve several purposes in the world of finance and investment, including underwriting new equity issues, managing mergers and acquisitions, and acting as financial advisors. Other roles of investment banks include asset management for large investment funds and personal wealth management for high net worth individuals. […]

These 3 investment banks will pay for yo...

There are many investment banks that pay their employees to obtain a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Obtaining one of these degrees can be a great help for those who want to climb the ranks of investment banking. However, acquiring an MBA is not always a necessity for those wishing to advance, and those wishing […]