Meet the new credit line updated by inflation.


Since the beginning of this week, Cashie Economic Federal has entered into force a new line of real estate credit. The purpose of this decision is to update the housing contract by the IPCA (Extended National Consumer Price Index). Further editorial at

The launch by Cashie also announced that the news now has a minimum rate of IPCA + 2.95% per year (aa) and a maximum of IPCA + 4.95% per year. However, this line will apply to residential properties that fit SFI (Real Estate Financial System) and SFH (Housing Financial System).

What changes now with this update?

What changes now with this update?

The main changes in real estate credit are:

  • IPCA minimum rate + 2.95% per year;

  • IPCA maximum rate + 4.95% per year;

  • These fees will apply to new contracts;

  • The portion will be recalculated monthly, according to the inflation released by IBGE (the portion may vary each month);

  • The consumer who chooses the modality of correction by IPCA, may not change the contract to have the correction by the Referential Rate;

  • Cashie made R $ 10 billion available for the new credit line;

  • The customer may choose whether or not to adhere to this new format;

  • Contracts with a maximum term of 30 years;

  • The financing will be up to 80% of the value of the property.

However, it is noteworthy that currently, the minimum rate is composed of the Referential Rate + 8.5% per year; and the maximum by RT + 9.75%. In practice, it would work as follows, according to the example:

  • The portion of a property of R $ 300 thousand would be over R $ 3 thousand. But with the update of real estate credit, the portion will fall to about $ 2,000.

Expectation of Real Estate Credit Changes

Expectation of Real Estate Credit Changes

For the government, this measure will mainly serve to reduce the cost of mortgage loans. For the president of Cashie, Jil Cameron, the correction for inflation aims to give more transparency to the person who opts for credit.

On the contrary, analysts say that this novelty presents a considerable risk. This is because if the IPCA increases during the contract period, the cost of financing will also follow this trend.

Also, when we talk about real estate contracts, they are usually long term. This ends up requiring a stable macroeconomic environment for a good period of time.

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