Need to apply for a card and are full of doubts which is the best or to evaluate? This is normal as there are several at your disposal, with different benefits and rates. Here’s how to apply for a credit card the easy way.

Whenever we talk about card, it is good to remember that it is a credit service and involves risks. You should be very clear that discipline comes first. Don’t let debt come to snowball.

Here at Peachum family , we offer a comparator that you can use for free and know which credit card is best for you. Simply put, you choose the cards you want to compare and then just see what your profile is.

How to apply for a credit card – Internet and bank

Today you can apply for a credit card without leaving home. You submit the proposal and the issuing bank informs you whether it has been approved or not. Remember to note the card requirements and if you fit them.

By bank, the important thing is to look for what you already have an account. A good relationship with the manager can facilitate your approval. If your chosen card has an annuity, this amount can be negotiated. Just don’t accept the first offer, look at the contract and the fees it has.

What is my credit card limit

Your card limit is that maximum amount you have for your purchases. Your limit is calculated by your income and financial history. Some limits are already pre-approved before making the card. But reviewing all proposals is still the best way.

Credit Card Interest

Credit card interest comes when the customer fails to pay the bill on time. With this it enters the rotary. And it’s as if the bank has been lending the money during these “bad days” days.

Card Annuity Amount

This item should always be evaluated. As you may know, there are cards that do not charge this fee. When they charge, there are usually reward programs, such as points for every purchase made. So if for you, punctuation is not important, negotiate the annuity value. Remember that cards that give higher limits charge more expensive annuities.


If you apply for a credit card, what do you expect from it? The benefits of a card can range from discounts, miles to gift exchange programs. Consider all options first and choose the card that gives you the benefit you are looking for.

There are still the benefits of credit card banner. For example, Visa customers can participate in the Go Visa program and Mastercard® customers in the Surprise program, for free!

Make a national or international card?

National cards can only be used in Brazil. Already the international can be used both for shopping in the country, outside of it and even on foreign sites. International cards are generally more “expensive” than normal.

If you have any questions, send us comments and see you next time!